NC&D offers space saving solutions for companies that need to make the most of their square footage.

We have your solution when moving into a larger facility is not a feasible option.  We maximize spaces while preserving the inherent qualities that allow max productivity.

Modular office cubicles provide you with the best solution for small budgets or cramped spaces while still providing a professional feel and look that allows your company to maintain the image that you desire.

As a way to provide our clients with the largest selection of modular office furniture, we constantly update our inventory following the latest trends. We keep the designs fluid offering the best of all scenarios when consulting with our clients.  We literally build for all environments, including:

Open Office Workstations – These cubicles can seat multiple employees and have multiple height partitions to encourage teamwork and communication.

Call Center Cubicles – These small workstations provide the room with a single occupant and just enough space for a phone and computer keeping the space and employee focused.

High Wall Privacy Cubicles – These models can have floor-to-ceiling partitions to increase employees’ privacy whose work involves sensitive information.

We understand that the way we work is continually changing. The modern office is evolving into a much more social environment and collaborative. The need to stay cost-effective, to reutilize and reconfigure plus adapt to frequent office changes has never been greater. These new challenges motivate our products and are the driving forces to our design team.


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